• Purpose Built for Human Services Success

    mCase is the modern human services platform that improves outcomes for your clients, saves you time, and reduces burnout.

    Brought to you by experienced social workers and expert technologists who share your passion and understand your world.

    Success for Families, Caseworkers and Program Leaders.

    You need to spend your time helping the most vulnerable and not be mired in endless paperwork or fighting a software solution built for a different reality.

    The solution is mCase, which gives you insight to make better decisions, allows you to quickly complete casework how and where you want, and makes helping clients hassle-free.


    Child & Family Services

    Proven in over 30 jurisdictions, mCase supports every aspect of child and family services. With mCase, you can focus on prevention, implement strategies that protect children and strengthen families, and continually improve your practice.

    Providing assistance for:

    • Child Welfare
    • Comprehensive Child Welfare Information Systems (CCWIS)
    • Adult Protection
    • Provider Licensing and Management
    Eligibility & Enrollment

    mCase speeds application processing, handles eligibility determination and entitlement processing, calculates and processes benefits, and makes all steps easier for you and your clients.

    Providing assistance for:

    • Food, Cash and Energy Assistance
    • Medical Assistance and Waiver Programs
    • Housing Assistance
    • Emergency and Disaster Assistance
    Case Management

    mCase automates assessments, makes service planning and provider management a breeze, and gives you the full picture so you can make better decisions to drive better outcomes.

    Providing assistance for:

    • Coordinated Care
    • Behavioral and Mental Health
    • Refugee Assistance
    • Developmental Disabilities
  • See How mCase Makes a Difference

    After seeing mCase in action, you’ll never want to use any other casework solution again.


      mCase Helps You Do What You Do Best

      mCase is designed around you—gives you the full picture of each case, surfaces key information to help you make better decisions, and reminds you what needs to be done by when—so you can make a difference for clients and not get bogged down with unrewarding paperwork.

      Works Where You Work … Even Without a Connection

      mCase works where you work—in homes, in schools and in court. Even when there is no cellular or Wi-Fi connection, you can take notes, take pictures, complete assessments and more. The data syncs automatically from your mobile device to the main mCase server once you’re re-connected. Now you can be as productive in the community as in the office.

      • mCase -2023 Update
      • mCase -2023 Update

      Purpose Built to Make a Difference

      The Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS) implemented mCase’s mobile solution to improve client outcomes and reduce caseworker burnout.

      VDSS saw a 50% increase in recording of face-to-face contacts, a 27% increase in narrative length, and a 30% increase in timely data entry.

      mCase -2023 Update

      Non-Proprietary, Standards-Based Platform with Open Integration

      The mCase platform is built on proven Microsoft .NET technologies and runs in the Microsoft Azure cloud. Unlike proprietary solutions, mCase has a standards-based services architecture and supports open integration. It is designed to share data with any type of system, even legacy mainframe solutions.

      mCase -2023 Update

      Built for Change

      Procedures and practices continually change, and you need solutions that you can change fast. mCase is built on a no code/low code platform. This lets changes to screens, reports, workflows and more be made quickly to adapt to evolving laws, regulations and policies.

      mCase -2023 Update

      The Gold Standard for Security

      mCase and RedMane are SOC 2 certified, meeting rigorous criteria for security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy.