RedMane offers comprehensive business and technology services that solve complex, meaningful problems. We will work with you—closer and more collaboratively than you may have ever experienced before—to understand the full picture of your organization. This deeper knowledge helps us create practical, actionable solutions. Although our services are listed separately, they often interconnect to deliver the best results.

    Early on, we’ll conduct a strategic analysis to thoroughly understand your needs. We don’t just approach your situation from a technology perspective. We examine your opportunities and drivers.

    This process includes assembling everyone—from leadership to hands-on users—together in one room, often for the first time, for efficient and intensive discovery. Our expert problem-solvers listen closely, dig below surface “symptoms,” develop roadmaps, help shape operating models and often uncover issues that haven’t been considered, to lead to an ideal solution. Our insights are so thorough, we sometimes perform this as a standalone service.